Down the Road

By John Alton Brown


The family of the late John Alton Brown, founder of the Waynesboro-Staunton Region and an AACA director, gave the Region 86 articles entitled “Down the Road A Piece”, written by Brown  from the late 1970’s until his death in April 1991. Many of these articles were printed in our Region newsletter, “Tire Tracks,” as well as the Tri-County Region newsletter, “Clutch Chatter”. All of the articles are reprinted below and grouped loosely together by theme. Below is a personal introduction to John’s stories from his family who extends a personal invitation to you to enjoy these trips down memory lane.

In the years between the late 1970’s and up until his death in April 1991, my Dad, John Alton Brown, wrote a usually monthly article for the local antique car club newspaper “Tire Tracks” which very often was also published in the Tri-County Club’s paper as well.

These are stories mostly dealing with cars while growing up, but there are also numerous stories of his growing up in Edgewood, Pennsylvania which is a suburb of Pittsburgh. He details his early fascination with cars and his desire to keep that going by kindling interest with others to form the Waynesboro-Staunton Region Antique Car Club. Throughout these articles, one can see he was VERY opinionated but also his love for his happy life he experienced is very obvious. Whether it was actually a better life as he “remembered” it as time passed or not, he felt he had been very blessed with such a wonderful life and wished that others could share in his memories and learn at the same time. Dad recalled much in detail which is a gift. He got much pleasure from writing these stories and hoped those who read them did as well.

Dad was born on May 15, 1916 and died on April 5, 1991.  Through these stories he can always be remembered, and because of his interest in “real” automobiles, the pleasure of owning them can always go on as well.

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