Founders Award

The 2023 Founders Award recipient is Stu Allen!

Annual Founders’ Day Award

By John M. Stone

John A. Brown, founder and charter member of the Waynesboro-Staunton Region, instituted the Annual Founders’ Day award in 1987. John presented the Region with a large silver bowl to be presented to a deserving member each year. His intent was for this bowl to remain in the custody of the recipient for one year or until a successor was found. Then the bowl would be presented to another. The recipients’  names and years of award would be engraved on the bowl. A smaller replica is then permanently presented to the previous winner.

The president appoints a Selection Committee (usually in February) consisting of three region members to determine the recipient each year. Normally, the last recipient chairs this committee, and the other members of the committee are past recipients. Only the president (and the committee) knows the members of the committee. The committee then makes its decision and, if a winner is selected, gets the large silver  bowl engraved and brings it to the April (Founders’ Day) meeting. No one except the committee knows the recipient until the moment of presentation. Although the award has been presented each year, it is not mandatory that an award be presented annually. The Region president obtains the replica to be presented to the previous winner.

The recipient must meet two of the following criteria:

  • Supports the by-laws and goals of the National AACA
  • Actively supports and participates in local club activities
  • Collects and preserves antique vehicles

The following have been recipients of the award:

1987 Harold G. Via 2005 Mary Helen Ayers
1988 Jefferson D. Diffee 2006 Roy Miller
1989 Virginia S. Cary 2007 Stu Allen
1990 Owen Harner 2008 Mel Redmond
1991 James H. Gregory 2009 Susan Gray
1992 H. Edward Lavender 2010 Bob Ridle
1993 Carl Fulwider 2011 Clarice Allen
1994 Mary Helen Ayers 2012 Ken Farley
1995 Tom Meeks 2013 Billy Melton
1996 Paul Wampler 2014 Ronnie Shanholtzer
1997 Willis Clemmer 2015 Sue Gregory
1998 Doris Stone 2016 Shirley Farley
1999 Walter Hetman 2017 Scott Gregory
2000 John M. Stone 2018 Jack Drago
2001 Nelson Driver 2019 Walter Wilson, III
2002 Ken Bahrs 2020 Todd Smith
2003 James Ailes  2021-2022 No Winner Selected
2004 Robbie Gray  2023  Stu Allen


  • 2019 Founders Award recipient Walter Wilson, III.